Communication… or Lack Thereof


Update: Naturally, I am one of about 10 PCVs who don’t have internet access at their site. Fortunately, I am close enough to the aimag center that I will probably be able to access the internet about once a month, if not more often.

In the meantime, other than this blog here are a few other ways to contact me:


Facebook: If you search my name, I should be the only Mariel Venhuizen you find ; )

Skype:  mar_mariel

My Mongolian Cell Phone: 94238590 You need to dial (001-976) first though & it is a 15 hour time difference from the West Coast

You can always send me snail mail too!


Mariel Venhuizen

9 year Secondary School of Tsgaankahirkhan Soum

Tsagaankhairkhan Soum, Zavkhan Aimag

Mongolia (Via China)

Mariel Venhuizen
Завхан аймгийн
Цагаанхайрхан Сумын
9 Жйлийн Дунд Сургууль
Mongolia, (via China)

My internet access is currently extremely sporadic and intermittent and will probably continue to be so till about mid-August. Bear with me for these next couple months as I will try to update whenever possible. And, don’t forget about me!