The first 6 months in pictures

I guess you could say I haven’t been inspired to write much since my last blog posting, so in the meantime I’ve been trying to get some pictures uploaded for your viewing pleasure.… Continue reading

In the Land of Blue Sky…

I’m still alive & kicking & actually doing pretty well. I don’t have regular internet access which is why my blog posts are few & far between, but I wanted to post a… Continue reading

The Cuisine of Mongolia

On the rare occasions, when I actually get to talk to people whether by phone, e-mail, g-chat or Facebook chat, they always ask without fail “How’s the food?”, so here it goes… I… Continue reading

Of course I got sent to the coldest aimag in the whole country!

  I have been placed in a little soum in the aimag (province) of Zavkhan; in the Northwestern region of the country. Tsagaankahirkhan was founded in 1931 and has approximately 1500 people making… Continue reading

Just an FYI

Pictures & more updates will come, but the internet is SO slow pictures aren’t uploading!


6.17.2012 CANDY! Sometimes it really is the little things in life that make you happy and in Mongolia that often involves candy. Mongolians LOVE candy. When I “moved” into my home for the… Continue reading

A Day in the Life

In case you were interested: A Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Trainee in Yeroo Soum 7 or 7:20ish a.m. (Depending how I’m feeling): Wake up 7/7:20ish-8 a.m.: Brush teeth, “Wash”… Continue reading

Luck Strikes Again

I won a free trip to another part of Mongolia! I have oddly good luck when it comes to dropping my name in a hat to win a raffle and low and behold… Continue reading

The Quintessential Peace Corps Country

Did you know Bubonic Plague is still alive & well in Mongolia? True story. One of the first accolades attributed to Mongolia during our orientation in San Francisco was “The Quintessential Peace Corps… Continue reading

The Road Less Travelled… Literally

It might be hard to believe, but Peace Corps doesn’t just throw you in a country and expect you to figure it out on your own. Instead, in Mongolia we are split up… Continue reading